Sunday, May 6, 2012

Nursery "Shower" Curtains

I have been looking for yellow curtains for the nursery and I happened to find these shower curtains at Target. Even better they were on CLEARANCE! I wasn't exactly sure how they would look as curtains....but for the price I had to try. I had been waiting to see if the yellow curtains I liked would go on sale at Target, they were $16.99 each so just for that it would have cost me $ I  was happy to pick these up for $4.48 each and give it a try!

I knew I would need to "dress these up" somewhat after all, they are just fabric shower curtains. I had some extra fabric I purchased to make the bumpers, knowing I would probably want to use it again somewhere in the nursery so I added a strip of the flower fabric to the bottom border of the curtains and decided to tye them to the curtain rod with hot pink ribbon. I am pretty pleased with how they turned out and even with the rod, fabric, and ribbon I didn't spend $34!!

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  1. Amber your curtains are fantastic. I love your creativity! Hope you're having fun with all of this, it's only the beginning...I'm thinking Halloween costumes, Christmas dresses....hmmmmm. Lots to do so enjoy it all.