Sunday, October 14, 2012

September, Apple picking & Braelyn's 3 months old update!



We are usually really busy in the fall, with James archery hunting, our anniversary and my birthday all in September. This year has been no exception. We started the month camping/hunting for the Labor Day holiday. James got a cow elk this year. His first...not this BIG BULL he wanted, but it tastes good! Since James was going to be out of town for our anniversary AND my birthday due to his elk hunt we celebrated early with dinner and shopping. To make the night more memorable, James found $26 while we were driving down the road!

Braelyn has really changed/grown a lot this month! She is doing really well with tummy time and holding her upper body/head up really well now. She really likes to move her head around now and look at everything. She smiles all the time and I can't get over what a happy baby she is. We are having so much fun with her!

Braelyn likes:
Grampy to sing to her
Daddy making faces at her
Looking at her self in the mirror
Chewing on her hands...all the time!
Just started using her far she seems to like it.

Braelyn doesn't really like:
Tummy time on the floor...she like it on the mombo pillow though.
Being swaddled with both hands inside, we started leaving one hand she can suck on it!

Grammy sent Braelyn kitty cat ears, tail and far we are just enjoying the ears. The match her Halloween outfit really nicely.
This weekend we went to Emmett to pick some fresh apples. I have been wanting to make Braelyn some apple sauce so we made a day of it. I pretty much had to drag James along but he ended up carrying Braelyn around the entire time and showing her all the apple trees while I picked 50 lbs of mostly golden delicious apples. The owner of the orchard said they would make the best apple sauce and I think she was right! I canned 27 pints of apple sauce today and I think it turned out really good! I can't wait for her to be able to eat all of the yummy baby food I have frozen/canned her. She has a dedicated compartment in the deep freezer with nothing but baby food. With the help of my mother in law and James' grandma we grew lots of great veggies. So far I've made her, zucchini, spaghetti squash, summer squash, peas, green beans, carrots, crooked neck squash, apricots, cherries and peaches!