Friday, February 1, 2013

Braelyn 5 & 6 months ( a little catching up to do)

Well I have defiantly gotten behind during the holidays on our monthly posts. Our first Christmas with Braelyn was very special. My mom traveled from Phoenix for the holidays to be here with us for her first Christmas. Of course she did not realize what was going on,it was more fun for us to open gifts and play with her new toys. She did like the lights on the Christmas tree and she was interested in tearing the wrapping paper off the packages and putting it in her mouth. She is very interactive now and does play with her toys all the time. She is growing and learning new things every day. She can sit up on her own and is getting really close to crawling, so far she can push her self around the living room backwards. One of her new favorite things to do when playing with her Daddy is copying what he is doing. We are constantly laughing at her new expressions and funny things she is doing.

Braelyn started eating vegetables recently. So far it is going well, she definitely has her likes and dislikes. So far she really likes carrots and peas, not as fond of the squash and green beans, but she is definitely better than her Daddy about eating her veggies! I am excited to start on fruit too, but waiting until we have all the veggies down.

At her 6 month check up Braelyn weighed 14 pounds 4 ounces and was 25 inches long. The Pediatrician was surprised to see how well she was sitting up on her own and said she was doing great.

Braelyn likes: Playing with her noisy toys
Fake coughing to get our attention
Jumping around in her exersaucer
Bath time, especially since she can sit up splash and play with baty toys.
Tags...she would rather suck on and play with the tags on her toys and bibs than play with the toys most of the time.

Braelyn dislikes: Having her nose wiped.
Being alone, if she realizes we are not in the same room, she lets us know.
Taking naps at home. James usually has to hold her for her naps otherwise she wakes right back up.