Sunday, August 12, 2012

Braelyn one month old!

Well life has definitely changed around here for James and I. We are enjoying all of the new and exciting experiences of first time parents, even the messy ones! Braelyn of course sleeps a lot at this stage but she has started having longer and more awake time recently that she enjoys looking around and taking in the world around her. We have really been busy this month, enjoying our summer and incorporating the little one in our favorite summer activities.

At one week old we took our first day trip to Cascade for a family reunion for my my mother-in-laws side of the family. It was about a 2 hour car ride and Braelyn did really well.She got passed around a lot but slept through almost all of the commotion.

My parents arrived on sat the 21st of July. They drove straight through from Arizona and made it here safely in 14.5 hours. My mom was only able to stay one week, but my dad is staying permanently and is getting situated here so that they can make the move here to be closer to us permanently.

While my mom was here James and I were able to get out of the house for almost 3 hours and catch a concert at the fair with a few other couples. We had a nice time, but I couldn't help but worry that the baby would wake up and be hungry so we didn't push our luck. Of course she slept the entire time!

This weekend we took our first family camping trip. We have a very nice home away from home with our camper so it really was nice. It was nice for me while she took her 2-3 hour naps to sit and relax because I had nothing else I could home I can always find LOTS to do while she is sleeping. Most of the time it's house work but I did have some time recently to make some cute baby shower gifts for cousin Harper.(we can't wait to meet her!) It was nice for me to get into my craft room for a while.

Overall, we are all adapting to being a family of 3 very well. She is usually only waking me up once at night for a feeding and then again early in the morning which will be OK when I go back to work. I really do think using the techniques from the Happiest Baby On the Block is working and hopefully before too long we will have her sleeping through the night!

Things Braelyn likes:
Taking morning walks
Doing housework with mom in the Ergo baby carrier (don't know how I'd get stuff done some days with out it)
Cuddling on mine or James' chest
Taking a bath
The swing and the bouncier
Being swaddled up tight

Things Braelyn doesn't like:
Being strapped into her car seat
A pacifier
Roxy (our boxer) sniffing in her face

Playing in my crib while mommy puts laundry away.
My First camping trip, hanging out in mom's chair.

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