Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wedding gift for a very special couple

So I started this blog, not only for something to do when my hubby is out hunting for days on end, but also to show off some of my creativity and craftiness. I spend a lot of time indoors when the weather gets cold, and this morning it was 30° when I left for work, so I'd say its that time of year to start crafting and blogging about it!
This clock I made as a wedding gift for my cousin Cale and his wife Jill. It ended up being 16x16.

Painted the back and the front along the edges.
Adhered the photo with mod podge.
Cut out clock numbers and words in black vinyl on my silhouette machine.And placed on photo.
Applied a coat of mod podge over the entire surface. Let dry.

Drilled a hole to insert clock parts.

Cale & Jill -10-22-11

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  1. Amber we love the clock and everyone else was jealous, and wanted one as well. You are so amazing with your craftiness, and we appreciate it soooooo much! Thank you again!

    Cale and Jill